Madrid es Negro 2017: Los Salvajes del Boogaloo 67

Los Salvajes del Boogaloo 67

Fifty years ago Spanish Harlem was bubbling with new urban sounds. The fusion of Afro-Cuban beats with African-American soul and funk gave way to the explosion of boogaloo. In 1967 anthems such as Pete Rodríguez's 'Michaela' and 'I Like it Like That' were released, and Joe Cuba reached No 1 on the charts with 'Bang Bang', while Aretha Franklin's version of 'Respect' was played on every radio station. Five decades later, the sound of boogaloo is still alive and well thanks to musicians around the world in bands such as Los Salvajes del Boogaloo 67, directed by Jaime Vázquez and featuring members from Calle Mora, La Orquesta del Solar and Quirimbombo, and that pay tribute to the big classics of this exciting genre.


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