Five, S Club 3 and Big Brovaz Tour

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S Club 7

Don't stop moving at this mega nostalgic 90s gig

We hope you've still got your acid-wash jeans, butterfly clips and jelly sandals because some of your favourite '90s popstars are making a comeback. Five, S Club 3 and Big Brovaz are returning to Melbourne next year for one night only at the Forum Theatre.

In an era abundant in boy bands, Five made a name for themselves with catchy, dancefloor hits like 'When the Lights Go Out' and 'Everybody Get Up'. They'll be joined by the '90s favourite club, S Club 7, who have since changed their name to S Club 3 to reflect the number of remaining members (that is Jo, Tina and Brad). Despite the dwindling members S Club 3 can still 'Bring it All Back' and make sure you 'Don't Stop Movin'. 

Joining these two majorly nostalgic pop groups is Big Brovaz, the English R'n'B group who rose to fame in the early 2000s with 'Nu Flow'. G.R.L will also be joining the popstastic line-up, and we expect fans will be keen to hear their biggest banger from 2014 'Ugly Heart'. 

The Five, S Club 3 and Big Brovaz tour is hitting Melbourne next year on Tuesday February 12. Tickets go on sale 9am Friday May 11 2018. 

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