Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival 2017 portrait 01 of Marcus Whale and Eugene Choi for Praise in Cell Block Theatre at National Art School (c) Time Out Sydney photographer credit Daniel Boud
Photograph: Daniel Boud

Time Out says

This choral performance explores intersections of the sacred, sensual, gothic and divine

Described by its creators as a “platonic gay gothic wedding”, Praise! is a choral performance that will lead you to a new altar at which to kneel. Artists Eugene Choi and Marcus Whale have collaborated with musicians to develop this work which takes inspiration from Psalm 150 (the musician's psalm) and Christian traditions of worship. Choi and Whale, friends and previous collaborators, both grew up in religious environments (for her the Pentecostal church, for him the Catholic), and this performance blends Whale’s compositions and Choi’s monolithic, industrial sculptures to respond to that heritage and explore Christian ritual. First performed for Underbelly Arts Festival 2017, when marriage equality was still up for debate, Praise! makes its full-length debut as part of Asia TOPA 2020.



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