Cards Against Humanity Night at the National Hotel

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Generic people playing Cards against humanity
Photograph: Bill Couch

Take your love of "the party game for horrible people" to the next level at this team-oriented Cards Against Humanity night

If you love nothing more than wincing at the so-awful-they're-hilarious pairings of Cards Against Humanity, then the National Hotel's game night is for you. 

If you're not across one of the most terrible games of all time, it's really simple: basically you're given a selection of cards with half-finished sentences, and asked to pair them with other cards to make truly horrible combinations. Exhibit A: "An Oedipus complex" / "Kid-tested, mother-approved." (Google Cards Against Humanity and see plenty more horrendous combinations). Top tip: a few drinks really helps to bring out the awful person inside you. 

The National Hotel have upped the ante by bringing in funnyman Mikey Cahill as your host for the evening, who will lead tables of teams (six to eight people is the suggested number for teams). 

Booking is recommended, so email to secure your place. They'll be putting on $15 dinner specials, too.