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Film still of Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011)
Photograph: © FilmDistrict

See Ryan Gosling flick Drive with its acclaimed soundtrack performed live at MIFF

Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 film, Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston and Carey Mulligan, is a violent, sharp and stylish neo-noir thriller. It’s one of the standout indie films of the decade, having scored director Refn the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival.

While the story about an unnamed stunt driver with a side hustle as a getaway driver is captivating on its own, the ethereal ‘80s synth-pop-inspired score was equally as memorable. The majority of the 19-track soundtrack is composed by former Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Cliff Martinez, who emulated the kind of retro synthesizer Europop popular in the ‘80s. The score is mixed with electro house tracks from Desire, Chromatics, Electric Youth and Kavinski, too, which seem to add numerous little nuances to the film.

At this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival, Hear My Eyes has recruited some of Melbourne’s best musicians to perform one-off versions of this famous soundtrack. Saskwatch’s Nkechi Anele, No Zu’s Cayn Borthwick, Midlife’s Adam Halliwell, Sui Zhen’s Becky Sui Zhen and others will perform hit tracks from the soundtrack including ‘Under Your Spell’ and ‘A Real Hero’ as well as their version of the atmospheric score.

Tickets start at $42, with the performance taking place at the Regent Theatre. 

By: Rebecca Russo

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