Chive On Memphis Presents 2016 8 Bit Salute

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Chive On Memphis Presents 2016 8 Bit Salute
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Chive On Memphis Presents 2016 8 Bit Salute says
Ladies and gentlemen! We are at it again! Please join us at the Rec Room on June 18th through the 19th for another 24 hour gaming lock in! This year there will be bigger prizes for tournaments, more sponcors, and generally bigger and better than ever before! Role up your sleeves, grab you consoles and lets bring fun where there is none!

Operation Supply Drop has been Making Fun Where There is None since 2010 supporting US, NATO and ANZAC veterans within our programs; Supply Drops, Thank You Deployments and The Teams.

The Supply Drop program assembles video game care packages that we send to veterans deployed, those in hospitals or to military installations across the world. This is not just US veterans, it is our allies as well. Care packages are littered with amazing video games, gaming products, apparel and many other items that truly do "Make Fun Where There is None". If you have ever been away from a friend or family and received a letter from them, which is the feeling a Supply Drop brings to veterans.

Our Thank You Deployment program sends veterans to various events across the world with a civilian counterpart. An example is the Thank You Deployment recently to PAX Prime in August where a Disabled Veteran and a Chapter Team member civilian attend PAX Prime. This is an opportunity for both to learn each other's story while enjoying some well-deserved fun. These venues include not just gaming events, but also professional and extreme sports as well as other generationally relevant activities.
The Teams is a locally based program for veterans and civilian supporters across the world which gather for their monthly "Mandatory Fun" social events. These events range from gaming, bowling, movies, baseball games, and the list goes on. One of the toughest things for veterans is being socially connected with those outside of the military. Operation Supply Drop is devoted to bridging that gap and bringing military veterans/civilians together. The Teams help create a stable environment, create networking opportunities, and finally create a support mechanism for veterans/civilians in times of need. This has already been proven to be a vital program and we look forward to its continued growth.

To learn more about these programs, our partnerships and getting involved visit

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