LOSE SOMETHING? Amnesia victim Noriega tries to remember where he put his car keys.
LOSE SOMETHING? Amnesia victim Noriega tries to remember where he put his car keys.

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A Euro-pudding drenched in pretension, this sexed-up suspense flick relies on the creakiest trick in the pomo book: the amnesiac stuck in a perpetual reset loop. Graham (Noriega) works as an office maintenance man and does double duty as a meat puppet for his horny supervisor (Richard) after business hours. Then a new employee named Irne (Mouglalis) shows up, invites the hunk home and discovers that Graham is incapable of forming any short-term memories; unaware of who she is when he awakes from their lovemaking, Graham starts every day with Irne from square one. Meanwhile, his manipulative boss and Graham's old friend wonder where the lunk has disappeared to...and they hatch...a plan that...zzzzzzzzzz.

Unless your idea of compelling cinema revolves around supercool corporate decor and cut-rate Freudian kink (the vagina dentata theory gets a painfully literal interpretation), there's little in Jean-Pierre Limosin's pseudoerotic Ikea commercial that's capable of sustaining interest for longer than five minutes. Protagonists who can't grasp the past have been employed to explore the emptiness of modern living and how memories affect one's identity; here, the concept is simply used to get two inhumanly photogenic and highly fuckable leads into the sack ad infinitum. Ping-ponging between Alain-Robbe Grillet and a Red Shoe Diaries episode, Novo seems to be groping at some vague highbrow notion even as it goes for your glands. Pity it can't remember exactly what its point is. (Now playing; IFC Center.)
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