Chakra Therapy With Leah!

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Chakra Therapy With Leah!
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Chakra Therapy With Leah! says
Chakra Therapy
with Leah Lillios
Saturday August 22nd

Exploring the chakra system to unlock the vital energies within

Chakras are psychic energy centers located along the axis of the spine at major branchings of the human nervous system. Seven in number, the chakra line begins at the base of the spinal column and moves upward to the top of the skull. Each chakra, meaning wheel or disk in Sanskrit, can best be described as a rotating vortex of subtle matter or whorl of permeating energy. In addition, each of these pranic centers directly corresponds to basic states of consciousness as well as governs specific bodily functions. The chakra system as a whole is considered by many to be the focal point for the reception and transmission of all universal energies as well as the gateway to achieving wholeness and inner transformation.
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By: Kali Yuga Yoga