Fundraiser Show For A Feature Film Street Punx Of Yangon

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Fundraiser Show For A Feature Film Street Punx Of Yangon
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Fundraiser Show For A Feature Film Street Punx Of Yangon says
This is the Fundraiser Party for our feature film Street Punx of Yangon!

Door 8 PM
Show 9 PM


Pink Noise
The Noise Complaints
The Painted Hands
DJ SaudadeVivian
riq50 & brandon ares

@eatlacubana Food Truck in the back patio


Vintage Fashion Popup by Luna Raae IG: @luna.raee

Tickets $10

All $$ go to the production of the film. Eternal gratitude towards all the musicians contributing their performances to help us raise the funds!!!!

This August Maja and Yamil are going to Yangon with a one-way ticket to work with Kyaw Kyaw on finishing the script for the story Street Punx of Yangon that Maja (pronounced Maya) and Kyaw Kyaw (pronounced Jojo) came up with last winter.

Set to the wild rhythms of Myanmarese punk rock, this film follows the transformation of a filmmaker as she journeys from failure in a buddhist monastery to joie de vivre in the heart of the Yangon’s underground punk scene.

This is the story of how we met the punks.
One day, Zuzia was browsing some photographs on her phone. There was one that caught her attention depicting a Burmese punk that used to be a monk. She texts the picture to Maja (sitting in another room in the same apartment): Maja, you should check out those punks when you’re in Yangon this winter!
Maja looks at the picture and becomes intrigued. She contacts the photographer Sondra … and finds out about the band Rebel Riot
So then Maja contacts the band through FB, writes an elaborate message and after a month hears back: “Yeah, let’s meet bro”
When Maja arrives to Yangon she reaches out to the punks from Rebel Riot and they invite her to the show. They send this message with the direction (in Burmese) and add: Show this to the taxi driver. Maja and Mike Shane get into a taxi. The drives looks at the address, thinks for a bit and then nods. He mentions a rather higher price than a usual taxi ride, but Maja and Mike agree. Oh well, we’re getting taken advantage of cause we’re tourists - is what they think. The taxi stats getting into the outskirts of the city… finally into a rural areas. After almost an hour, Mike and Maja are positive that this is a mistake. The taxi finally stops at a random place in the middle of nowhere. Maja and Mike looks around utterly disoriented and bummed out that they went all that way and for sure will miss the show, probably won’t even get to meet the punks any more.
Mike turns to the taxi driver: “We will pay you to go back now, than you, Gi-zu-ba”
And then this happens…
This is how we met the punks.
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