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 (Photograph: Grace Chu)1/24
Photograph: Grace ChuSarah and Elizabeth, Upper West SideHave you ever been to the circus before?Elizabeth: “Yeah, we came to the Big Apple Circus last year. It was really fun. I really liked the whole thing.”Sarah: “There were a lot of tricks. I liked the contortionist. It was freaky but it was really cool.”If you were to run away and join the circus, what would you be?Sarah: “I’d be a lion tamer! I love lions.”Elizabeth: “I think I’d do the trapeze and fly around.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)2/24
Photograph: Grace ChuAshley, 7, New JerseyWhat are you hoping to see today?“Horses!”Do you like clowns?“Just a little.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)3/24
Photograph: Grace ChuCircus performers entertained kids as they waited to enter the Big Top.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)4/24
Photograph: Grace ChuFrom left to right: Sara, 8, Sophie, 8 and Kika, 9Have you been to the circus? What was your favorite thing?Sara: “I’ve been to the circus once.”Sophie: “I liked the animals.”Kika: “The trapeze is my favorite!”Would you ever join the circus?Sophie: “No. Too much work!”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)5/24
Photograph: Grace ChuTheo, 6, Hell’s KitchenWhat did you see last time your were at the circus?“Clowns. I like them. I hope to see tigers today, and elephants too, and horses. I like the acrobats. They fly.”Would you ever join the circus?“Yeah. I would be an acrobat on the tightrope.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)6/24
Photograph: Grace ChuMax, 8, Upper West SideHave you been to the circus before?“I go to the circus every year. I really like it a lot. Last year there wasn’t any trapeze but it was still really good. I like the part where the people are on the stools and bend their bodies in different ways.”If you were in the circus, what would you be?“I’d be a clown.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)7/24
Photograph: Grace ChuKarinah, 4, BronxWhat do you love most about the circus?“Bubbles! I like popping them.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)8/24
Photograph: Grace ChuDana, 11, and Jania, 7, ManhattanHave you been to the circus before?Dana: “We went to the circus but not this one.”Jania: “It was fun. You see different animals. It was spectacular! I love when you see the elephants. If I was in the circus I would be the one riding on the elephants.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)9/24
Photograph: Grace ChuDashiell, 4, InwoodWhat's your favorite thing about the circus?“I liked the horses. And the dogs run around and play.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)10/24
Photograph: Grace ChuAva, 3 and Addison, 6, New JerseyHave you been to the circus before?Ava: “Yeah!”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)11/24
Photograph: Grace ChuAshley, 6, and Samantha, 4, New JerseyWhat are you hoping to see today?Samantha: “Elephants dancing!”Ashley: “Lions… juggling!”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)12/24
Photograph: Grace ChuIsabella, 9, and Darian, 8, WestchesterHave you been to the circus?Isabella: “I’ve been to the circus but it was a really long time ago. My favorite part is the animals.”If you were in the circus, what would you be?Isabella: “I would want to be a clown because they’re funny.”
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)13/24
Photograph: Grace ChuRingmaster John Kennedy Kane opened the show.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)14/24
Photograph: Grace ChuAmong this year's New York City–themed acts was a clown pretending to be a lost tourist.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)15/24
Photograph: Grace ChuThis clown showed off his cool tricks, including balancing porcelain plates.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)16/24
Photograph: Grace ChuThe show also came with a friendly warning from a pickpocketing clown: Watch out for your belongings, especially around Times Square!
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)17/24
Photograph: Grace ChuTimes Square tourists got jostled in the crowd.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)18/24
Photograph: Grace ChuThis painter had some serious skills on his ladder.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)19/24
Photograph: Grace ChuKids loved the parade of pups who just about stole the show!
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)20/24
Photograph: Grace ChuWe loved the miniature pony (not to mention the puppy riding him!)
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)21/24
Photograph: Grace ChuTy Tojo wowed the audience with his juggling prowess.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)22/24
Photograph: Grace ChuThese trapeze artists fooled the crowd by arriving in business attire.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)23/24
Photograph: Grace ChuThe Acro-Duo performed their entire hand-to-hand routine with no props—just incredible strength.
 (Photograph: Grace Chu)24/24
Photograph: Grace ChuThe Acro-Duo amazed us with their geometric poses.

Opening weekend at the Big Apple Circus 2013 (slide show)

Little New Yorkers tell us what they love most about the circus, and what they’re most excited about for this year’s Big Apple Circus: Luminocity!

By Rebecca Jennings

We were wowed by this year’s Big Apple Circus, which finally arrived at Lincoln Center on  Friday, October 25. And what better way to welcome the original city spectacle than with an NYC-themed show? Among the amazing acts were characters familiar to every city kid, such as clowns pretending to be lost tourists, a pickpocketing magician, trapeze artists masked as businesswomen and a teeterboard troupe wearing costumes that looked like fireworks.

RECOMMENDED: Big Apple Circus brings Luminocity to Lincoln Center

Before Saturday’s show, we chatted with little circusgoers to see what they were most excited about seeing at the Big Apple Circus. Click through our slide show to see their answers, as well as a sneak peak of what’s in store at this year's show.


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