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SeaGlass Carousel scheduled to open in October

The fish-themed SeaGlass carousel in Battery Park finally gets a top, but won’t start swimming until October.

Kids won’t get to spend their summer riding inside one of the thirty fiberglass marine creatures in Battery Park, but the much-anticipated SeaGlass Carousel celebrated a milestone last week when a “topping off” ceremony was held as the steel chambered nautilus shell was lowered onto the merry-go-round’s frame. While the fish, sound system, and lighting are still in development, by the time of its completion in October, visitors can expect a lifelike underwater experience that combines ocean sounds, film projections, and fiber optic lighting. Broadway set designer George Tsypin, who worked on Broadway's The Little Mermaid is currently in the process of creating the enormous animals. Why all the fish? The carousel’s theme pays homage to the former site of the New York Aquarium, which stood in Battery Park from 1896 to 1941. In the meantime, spend a sunny afternoon at one of these city carousels.

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