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Election season hasn't just infiltrated your daily dose of media consumption. You can't escape the coverage on TV, radio or in your weekly mag and you might not be able to escape it at the playground either. Election Ts and onesies are giving excited New Yorkers even more outlets to show their love for their party and favorite candidates.  Even though we think they make politics hip and look absolutely adorable, is it right to force our ideas so early on?

Last week I saw Senator Clinton when she came to Hunter College. There were the usual pins like, "Men for Hillary" and "Black Students for Hillary," but outside there were also a few Hillary faces on onesies. The mother of one child looked to the other and said, "My boy will love Hillary, this is such great opportunity for him!" He looked a little over a year old--I don't know if he'll even remember this glorious moment.

Are we pushing our ideas on our little ones or are the election Ts just so cute and all in good fun? Would you let your baby sport one? Let us know what you think and check out where to grab some election garb at Time Out Kids Shopping!


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