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Big Apple Circus = big kid fun

As a 24-year-old, I really should not have been so excited to go to the circus, but I totally was—it was definitely the most anticipated event of my weekend. I didn’t even try and hide my enthusiasm from my friends, telling pretty much anyone who would listen about my impending adventure to see crazy contortionists, tightrope unicyclists, doe-eyed dashing dogs, and a mohawked ringmaster I knew would induce loads of laughter with his slapstick antics.

Outside the Big Apple Circus TentLuckily, the Big Apple Circus’s new 30th anniversary show, “Celebrate” did not disappoint. Nestled in the audience with my own personal funnel cake ready to be devoured, I sat with my roommate Erika to watch a range of jaw-dropping performers dazzle us with their splendiferous skills. My personal favorite was a tie between Grandma the Clown who made me giggle throughout the show like preschooler and the prancing poodles (miniature-sized to waist-height) who jumped up, over and around barriers, poles, and best yet—each other. Erika couldn’t stop obsessing over the Huesca Brothers, as Giovanni launched the younger Nikolai into heart-stopping flips with his feet, causing us both to gawk, "How do they do that!?"

UnicyclistThe two hours of my Sunday spent at the circus were ones rarely experienced after elementary school graduation; they are the kind that when finished, a smile feels plastered to your face. Now a full-time member of the work force, my days are replete with deadlines, meetings and obligations rather than playdates, tomfoolery and recesses. I felt thankful to have been able to spend just a few hours on a time-warped journey to the carefree childhood days I remember so nostalgically. So while your kids will undoubtedly love the show, I have a feeling that you’ll take away the lesson behind the fun: You’re never too old for the circus.

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