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Celebrate National Ninja Day

Ok National Ninja Day is not a real holiday but you could still hit the town and celebrate the all-black get-up and nunchuks.

This Sunday, The Bowery Poetry Club is hosting Tiny Ninja Theater's Treasure Island. Watch inch-high plastic ninjas (and other assorted figurines) tell their rendition of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous satire. Tiny Ninja Theater says they even tackle the ultimate life question: Who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas?

While you are still humming "fifteen men on the dead man's chest--yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum," head over to NINJA ( 25 Hudson St ) to continue the day's festivities. This upscale Japanese restaurant might not seem like an obvious spot for a family-friendly dinner but the magic show, smoking desserts and feudal castle ambiance will change your mind. 

When you exit the elevator that leads to the restaurant, you are greeted by a waiter/waitress dressed in ninja garb (as they all are), who give grown men enough of a shock to shout a little out loud.  You can then choose to either take the long or the short way to your table--long giving you that dissoriented, adventurous feeling of the touch tunnel at the Liberty Science Center. When you are finally inside, you are surrounded by faux stone walls, with wooden steps and a dungeon appearance. If the atmosphere isn't enough to transport you back to serfdom, the scroll menus might do the trick.

Since the tasting menu has about five courses, the ninjas do a little magic while you digest in between meals. It is interactive, getting the whole party involved with classic card tricks, making balls appear in the hands of restaurant-goers and a few other surprises (like ninjas running in with swords while you dine).

Happy National Ninja day to all and be sure to check out our listing of the Tiny Ninja Theater's Treasure Island for more information!

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