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Dental high jinks

A trip to the dentist is probably something your child would like to just as soon forget. But thanks to dad and the era of YouTube insta-fame, it might take a while for 7-year-old David to put this visit behind him. Still clearly feeling the effects of anesthesia after having a tooth removed, David shares what might be the most precious existential musings ever.

Posted just a week ago, the video has amassed 4 million views and, as all good YouTube videos do, inspired a handful of mash-ups and remixes. Amongst the LOLs and ROFLs, some comments have popped up asking whether the dad is exploiting his child by posting this video and about the over-medicating of children. We see no controversy here though--just a cute kid that is a little confused about how many fingers he has. If only adults were this adorable after a few drinks!
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