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A little while ago, look books for Little Marc--Marc Jacobs' newish kids' line--hit our desks. While speculating just how much cash these threads would require, we noticed that smiles on the catalogue's prepubescent models were few and far between.

Look at these pics. We can only imagine what the direction from the photographers must have been like:
"Nothing's ever going to keep you warm. Ever."

"Ok, Preppie Monster. Put your arm around Grunge Lad, but do it in such a way that we don't think you actually like him. Can you do that? Cardigan Cindy, I want you to think of this picture as the moment you decided you were going to Wesleyan to major in Proto-Feminism during the Cold War, okay? And, Scarf Boy, just focus on this one word: demitasse. No, don't say it... just THINK it."

"Oooh, I like that face. You just found out how much your trust fund's going to be, didn't you? And 'ums feels like her specialness is not being adequately compensated, does she? Oh, but they'll pay... how they'll pay."

"Little girl? (that's a girl, right?) Yes, um, little girl? Could you stand like your shoulder's been dislocated? And, hunch a little? Perfect!"

It seems to us that showing happy kids that--oh, I don't know--might actually be enjoying themselves in the photographed outfits would be the best way to market these clothes to the parents of the future ultra-rich. You know, as in these clothes will make your offspring happy in a way that your Tibetan nanny cannot?

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