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Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

  • What's up, Doc?
According to a health article in the Times, one in nine kids now use alternative medicine. While this seems understandable for chronic disorders like ADD, the piece notes that alternative medicine is being used for "acute illnesses" like headaches and colds. Um, COLDS? Really? Whatever happened to a big glass of OJ and a dose of Pedialyte? City parents, are you buying this new wave trend or sticking to old-school basics?
  • School snuff
Hate to be a downer on this sunny Friday, but the Daily News is reporting that some 17,000 Bronx students in 42 schools lack library access, due to budget cuts and overcrowding. The schools need the space for classrooms, so libraries are one of the first commodities to go. Until this is remedied, get your little one signed up with a library card for the NYPL; the simple steps can be found here . Once they've got one, they can even read hundreds of tomes online for free.
  • Livin' la vida...papa?
On a lighter note! Ricky Martin chats about his twins, born in August via a surrogate, and even reveals a photo in People. Presh!
Courtesy of People magazineCourtesy of People magazine
  • "Owww!" or "Ohhh...."?
You're probably already aware of the segment that is going to be aired on 20/20 about " Orgasmic Childbirth " (oxymoron much?). Check out the Times piece on it, which is worth a read no matter how skeptical you might be.
  • Veggie 911
Emergen-C now has a contender about ready to steal its title of Best Product Ever: My Daily Veggies , a little packet that, when mixed with water, provides your tot (or you) with a daily dose of veggies.
  • Shop 'til your computer drops
Still got some shopping to be done before the 25th? We feel ya. And so does Etsy --an online resource to buy and sell handmade goods. A few faves from the kiddie categories: these super-cute bibs and genius crayon rollup cases .
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