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Parenting Poop: What Big Apple Moms and Dads Are Buzzing About

  • Ho Ho Horrorsanta

What kid doesn’t love jolly old St. Nick? Uh, these kids, who were scared diaperless by Mr. Claus. And who can blame them? Sitting on the lap of a strange old man with a scratchy Yeti-beard doesn’t exactly scream "happy holidays" to us either.

  • Get up offa that thang

Just when you thought you had found the perfect babysitter in nickjr.com, turns out all that sitting around is kind of bad for Junior. (Yup, it's being reported again!) According to msnbc.com, excessive exposure to media, especially computer and video games, causes a range of problems including obesity and early sexual experimentation.

  • A (non) beauty pageant

Ok, ok, we’re guilty of watching more than a few episodes of MTV’s Little Beauties, the guilty-pleasure reality show that follows mini-divas through their pageantry trials and tribulations. VH1 is set to premiere a similar show, Toddlers and Tiaras, in late January. But wait! The entire world hasn’t been corrupted yet: A Puerto Rican beauty pageant for young girls celebrates cultural traditions, rather than outward appearances. Read the Times article here.

  • Who’s the bigger spendthrift: Ma or Pa?

Over on parentdish.com, a recent study shows that moms are saving more money this season to spend on their little ones than dads are. Can’t say this is too surprising; after all, it’s the moms that typically do most of the holiday shopping. Who’s hitting up Toys ‘R’ Us in your household?

  • Pound pontification

Is there any phrase better than “eating for two”? Pregnancy is an automatic excuse to stuff your face with everything from sweetened condensed milk (straight from the can, of course) to a family-size bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos (try dipping them in Bush’s baked beans—HEAVEN). No one can judge you because you’re providing nourishment for your unborn kid. Unfortunately, after the birth you’re left with pounds you don’t know how you gained and maternity pants that still fit. On momversation.com, a video blogging website, eight mom-panelists weigh in on the battle of the baby weight—and what to do about it.

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