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Skipping town - to Brooklyn!

Most of my colleagues are fleeing the city this weekend for Cape Cod or the wilds of New Hampshire. But I'm heading to a getaway just a wee bit closer:  Brooklyn. With the city emptying out, it seems like the perfect time to check out the possibly over-hyped Brooklyn Flea, wander around Park Slope (maybe there'll be less stroller traffic?), and then check out the latest public art exhibit, being shown at the Fulton Ferry Landing in Dumbo until June 15. It opened on Thursday.

Dubbed the "Telectroscope," the installation consists of an enormous optical device with a person-sized lens. Kids (and curious adults like me) can look into it and see whoever is currently gazing through an identical lens—in London. The installation looks like it is actually burrowing into the ground, which  means you can convince your gullible kids that it's a tunnel across the Atlantic. The installation was designed by London artist Paul St. George, who was inspired by his great-grandfather, Alexander Stanhope St. George. He started to build a tunnel under the ocean more than 100 years ago.

Check back here on Tuesday for my review of the curious waterfront addition. Or maybe I'll see you there this weekend!

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