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Strippers uninvited to kids Halloween party

Here’s an unfortunate piece of news for the city’s exotic dancers: If you hope to use your free time to volunteer, you might get turned away (even if you wear a turtleneck sweater for the day).

According to today’s Daily News, a group of strippers from high-end gentlemen’s club Scores were barred from participating in a charity event at a Park Slope middle school. The dancers were planning on wearing kid-appropriate sorcerer and witch outfits—but the event planners still deemed their attendance inappropriate.

"I uninvited them because I don't want to compromise the event, the organization or the school," said Puppetry Art Theatre’s Timothy Young, the event’s organizer.

Volunteers at the second annual Haunted Halloween Carnival will help organize a pizza party and a costume giveaway for homeless and hospitalized children. The organizers’ reaction might seem a little over the top, but there’s also a good chance that Young wanted to simply prevent outraged parent reactions.

Do you think that the strippers should have been allowed to help? Would you have chosen not to attend the event with your kids if this was the case? Voice your opinion below!

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