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The devil wears Dockers?

A quick glance at parenting-magazine mastheads will reveal the dearth of Y chromosomes dispensing life-with-child wisdom. Here at Time Out Kids, for example, the edit staff is as estrogen-heavy as sorority pledge week. Our ever-enthusiastic intern Will? Heading back to NYU this Friday. Our managing editor with the gender-neutral first name? Her middle name is Allison. So credit where credit is due: Scholastic Parent & Child just named its first-ever male to the top edit spot. Father-of-two Nick Friedman might consider taking a page from Fred Levine's book: The former BabyTalk co-editor-in-chief showed his ability to appeal to the male demographic by inviting dads to a chat session over pizza and beer. Though that would work with plenty of moms we know, too.

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