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The Evils of...Baby Puree?

null As if new parents didn't have to hear enough words of warning, Unicef's Baby Friendly Initiative has issued another one. Its deputy director, Gill Rapley, says that pureed baby food may delay a toddler's ability to chew and use his or her hands skillfully, reports UK's Telegraph . Not to mention, pureed treats can cause constipation and encourage future pickiness with food. To weave parents off the dangerous path of pureed foods, Rapley has come out with a DVD titled 'Baby-Led Weaning.' The feeding program is based on the idea that kids older than six months should be in charge of what they put in their mouths. In other words, parents should transition their babies straight from breastfeeding to real, chewable foods. Purees aren't scientifically necessary, she alleges. We are wondering if Unicef should perhaps focus on more pressing topics of children's well being? Plenty of etiquette masters and adventurous eaters have, after all, enjoyed their own share of pureed foods as children. And, the fact that Rapley has so conveniently produced a DVD that costs over $100 makes us feel a little iffy.
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