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According to theglobeandmail.com, British researchers have concluded that foods containing standard artificial food coloring and the preservative sodium benzoate can cause hyperactivity in children. Small amounts of the foods, such as fruit juices and jam, were administered to children participating in the study and produced an observable increase in wild behavior. Some pediatricians claim that the effects of food on a child’s behavior is often slight, but the British government has still advised children prone to hyperactivity to avoid foods containing these particular additives. And we thought the trans-fat ban was hard on kids’ taste buds!
Speaking of hyperactivity, Carnegie Hall is scheduled to host an audience full of it this fall. ABC News reports that the author of the explosively popular Harry Potter series is scheduled to read her latest book to children from the city’s public elementary and middle schools. The schools whose  literacy ratings have risen the most in the past few years will be selected for the honor.  Five thousand copies of the first book in the Potter series will be distributed; it’s a give-a-way that is sure to hook those yet to experience the Hogwarts adventures.

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