5 Pointz is back—on gallery walls, at least

The graffiti hub’s former resident artists respond to last fall’s tragic paint-over job at a new art show in Long Island City

Look Twice by Meres One

Look Twice by Meres One Photograph: courtesy Jeffrey Leder Gallery

We’re still smarting from the unceremonious whitewashing of 5 Pointz, the onetime physical and spiritual nerve center of graffiti art in New York. Last November, following a years-long legal battle to save the Long Island City building from demolition, owners Jerry and David Wolkoff abruptly ended the debate by covering the whole thing in a layer of white paint. The edifice is set to be demolished to make way for (what else?) high-end condos, but four months down the road it still stands, a blank reminder of what the city has lost.

Now, members of the 5 Pointz collective are responding in characteristic style: by making art about it. Starting this Saturday, LIC’s Jeffrey Leder Gallery will host an exhibition of work created as a reaction to the realtors’ artistically aggressive act, called, appropriately, “Whitewash.” Pieces by nine street artists and two photographers will be featured, including 5 Pointz curator Meres One, plus Auks, Just One, Cortes and other aerosol slingers whose art used to adorn the building.

“'Whitewash' is an obvious requiem for 5 Pointz the building, but also maybe the beginning of a rebirth of 5 Pointz the community and its true core: the people,” says Marie Cecile Flageul, who put “Whitewash” together. Check out pieces from the exhibit below, and pay a visit to the gallery (situated only a few blocks from the place it’s memorializing) starting Saturday, April 5. The exhibit runs through June 8.

Photographs: courtesy Jeffrey Leder Gallery, Rest in Power by Zimad (left), Greed by Just One

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