Brace yourself: Bushwick Open Studios is here!

Hundreds of artists are eagerly awaiting your visit during the three-day event, May 30–June 1

  • Anne Arden McDonald at 49 Bogart St between Moore and Seigel Sts, number 21

  • Kerry Law at 63 Woodward Ave between Flushing and Metropolitan Aves, number 2412

  • David Rittinger at 340 Morgan Ave between Maspeth and Metropolitan Aves, number 11

  • Tina Trachtenburg at 865 Hart St between Irving and Knickerbocker Aves, 3R

  • Trisha Cardinal at 41 Varick Ave between Harrison Pl and Ingraham St, number 202

  • Isidro Blasco at 160 Randolph St between Stewart and Varick Aves, studio 1

  • "Real on Rock Street" at Rock St between Bogart St and Morgan Ave

  • J. Burton McGarity at 304 Boerum St between Bogart and White Sts, basement

  • Alison Causer at 21 Ditmars St between Broadway and Myrtle Ave, first floor

  • Amy Robin Miller at 721 Flushing Ave between Broadway and Throop Ave, 4A

  • "Paintings Differ, or Vary" at 122 Central Ave between Troutman St and Willoughby Ave, rear

  • Andries Boekelman at 1506 Greene Ave between St. Nicholas and Wyckoff Aves, number 2

  • Manana Saralidze at 473 Hart St between Broadway and Bushwick Ave

  • Rachel Phillips at 791 Bushwick Ave between Cedar St and DeKalb Ave, second floor

  • Jasper Goodrich at 1002 Bushwick Ave between Grove and Linden Sts, 1A

  • Erik den Breejen at 117 Grattan St between Porter and Varick Aves, number 317

Anne Arden McDonald at 49 Bogart St between Moore and Seigel Sts, number 21

There are a lot of artists in New York, no doubt about it. But while you may grasp that truism in the abstract, to get a concrete sense of just what it entails, you  need to head over to Bushwick’s hipster heartland for the nabe’s annual Bushwick Open Studios (BOS). It will definitely give you a taste (though admittedly only a tip-of-the-iceberg one) of just how many artists call New York home.
Now in its eighth year, BOS offers a schedule of performance events, curated exhibitionsand, of course, the opportunity to see hundreds of artists’ works right where they make them. To give you an idea of what to expect, Time Out New York has put together a handy slideshow sampler, but for the full schedule, head over to the BOS website. Remember, there is going to be tons to see, so stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes.