Bronx Blue Bedroom Project

In which we continue the exposition of fine DIY spaces.

Dinner at BBP and Works by Meliisa Calderon

Dinner at BBP and Works by Meliisa Calderon Photograph: Courtesy Blanka Amezkua

In a different take on fostering creativity on a local level, South Bronx–based Blanka Amezkua not only brings art to her neighbors, but also brings their art into her own home. After a personal loss—her nephew was killed last year in a car accident-—the artist and educator recalls, “I really rethought my life and what I was doing.” She was inspired to create community, because, she says, in New York, people are “always running somewhere.” And so the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project was born in Amezkua’s home—more specifically, in her bedroom. This innovative spirit invites guests to transform her room however they choose; her only stipulations are that they host a dinner during their exhibition and conduct a workshop to reach out to interested community members. Upcoming artist Jessica Lagunas focuses on the depiction of women’s bodies in contemporary media; join her, Amezkua and the neighborhood on Saturday 6 from 2 to 5pm. 309 Alexander Ave between 140th and 141st Sts, Bronx (347-776-7504). Subway: 6 to 138th St–Third Ave.