Is it possible to make something beautiful of artist Jordan Wolfson’s terrifying animatronic stripper?

Time Out New York presents a modest artistic proposal for minimizing the horror of the horror-show robot

Jordan Wolfson's robot with Waterlogue photo filter

Jordan Wolfson's robot with Waterlogue photo filter

As we all know, robots will eventually take over the earth, but at least one seems to have gotten a head start with the art world, thanks to Jordan Wolfson's current exhibition at Chelsea's David Zwirner Gallery.

Everyone who's seen the show, and even people who haven't, are talking about the same thing: The artist's creepy, audio animatronic sculpture. With the body of a stripper and the face of a witch, the figure, wearing soiled white thigh-high boots and mini-dress, gyrates in front of a mirror in uncannily lifelike fashion to the sounds of Paul Simon's song "Graceland" and a slowed-down version of "Blurred Lines." Occasionally the music stops, and the robot starts to talk nonsense to itself in a male voice (the artist's).

The piece is practically guaranteed to give you nightmares, and indeed, one viewer in the gallery told Time Out she found it, "terrifying." Can't something be done to make it all better?

Well, gentle reader, we've got an app for that. Through the magic of a photo filter called Waterlogue, we present the following before and after shots of Wolfson's work, with the idea of taking the edge off of his edgy creation—and, perhaps, letting you sleep better at night. Or maybe not—after all, the robots are still coming to get us, sooner or later.

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