You can own a piece of Pawel Althamer’s New Museum show

With the Polish artist’s survey at the New Museum closing soon, visitors are invited to come in and claim a part of the crowd-sourced installation at the heart of the show

Pawel Althamer installation

Pawel Althamer installation

For the past two months, the New Museum of Contemporary Art has been hosting a survey of Pawel Althamer, the Polish sculptor and installation artist. Since opening, the exhibition's centerpiece has taken up the museum's fourth floor. There, anyone wanting to could come in and exorcise their inner Picasso by painting or drawing on the floor and walls. It's a reprise of Althamer's work, Draftsmen's Congress, and in it, you could create pretty much whatever you wanted with whatever materials you brought. Crowd-sourcing art seems to be a thing right now: Bad-boy Swiss artist Urs Fischer did something similar for his Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, retrospective last year, only participants used modeling clay. Some of the results of that effort are on view in New York at two new Gagosian Gallery locations, including an abandoned Chase Bank on the Lower East Side.

But while beefy guards are on duty to protect that work, the New Museum will be cutting up Althamer's installation between Wednesday, April 23 and Sunday, April 27, distributing pieces of it for free to visitors who show up. If you were someone who actually painted something for Draftsmen's Congress, here's your chance, possibly, to reclaim your contribution—if you can find it. At this point the work is such a mess, it makes 5 Pointz look like the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.

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