Goodbye Milk and Honey, Hello Attaboy

The old location for Sasha Petraske's legendary cocktail bar gives way to a new order.

From left: Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross at Attaboy

From left: Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross at Attaboy Photograph: Jessica Lin

Hello Attaboy Like freewheeling sons of a disciplinarian father, roguish cocktail savants Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross will preserve the spirit—though not so much the letter—of the law set down by drinks impresario Sasha Petraske at his old Milk and Honey location, which they’ve commandeered for their new bar Attaboy (opening at the end of this month). Lifting their predecessor’s famous fatwas (no hats, no flirting, reservations only), the eight-year veterans of the spot will give the onetime speakeasy a contemporary revamp, including a first-come, first-serve door policy; a classically based but more seasonally oriented cocktail program; and brighter decor.The lighter, breezier upgrade from the windowless, candlelit interior features a glass pane overlooking the street and whitewashed brick walls, and the steel-topped bar has been doubled to 20 feet in length. A board, standing in for a menu, lists market ingredients—Granny Smith apples, Bartlett pears—that can be selected to tweak a bartender’s-choice order. And look for house versions of rock and rye—a pre-Prohibition staple made from whiskey sweetened with rock candy—flavored with additions like cinnamon and pineapple elixir. A few French wines, pilsners and IPAs will offer less potent sips, plus a couple cans of Coors Banquet for off-duty barkeeps. But cosmetic changes aside, Attaboy will draw upon one Milk and Honey tradition, channeling the vibe of the old postservice wind-down, when bartenders kept a few close friends in the house, a rowdy crew palling around, with the rules relaxed and the music turned up. 134 Eldridge St between Broome and Delancey Sts (no phone yet)

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