You need to know about: Something Like This

Check out this experimental cocktail series at the Counting Room.

The Counting Room

The Counting Room Photograph: Jolie Ruben

Pre-Prohibition classics still hold sway over the city's leading cocktail bars, but booze nerds in the know can find cutting-edge quaffs at Something Like This, a weekly event at the Counting Room (44 Berry St at North 11th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-599-1860). Each Monday, bartender Maks Pazuniak busts out a new menu of experimental concoctions often inspired by Beta Cocktails—his underground publication detailing eccentric, boundary-pushing drinks. Starting at 9pm, you can sample innovative and off-kilter sips that riff on specific themes both straightforward (a tribute to drinks chronicler Charles H. Baker Jr.) and abstract (apocalypse-inspired, dark-hued libations), all matched to a playlist. Upcoming subjects include cocktails created according to mathematic principles, boozy homages to organized-crime legends and drinks made with ancient ingredients like honey, nuts and berries. For more information, including menus and last-minute cancellations (this is Williamsburg, after all), follow @maks_p on Twitter.

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