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Meet the Undateables: Vitaly and Meghan

Written by
Dana Varinsky

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The date: Drinks at La Lanterna di Vittorio (129 MacDougal St, 212-529-5945)

First impression
Vitaly: “I got there a couple minutes after her. 
I was a little nervous, but she was easy to talk to. I noticed she had a nose ring and tattoos, which isn’t necessarily my thing.”
Meghan: “He was really cute. He had glasses. He looked young, but we’re basically the same age. When he sat down, he cracked a joke, so that was a nice icebreaker.”

Vitaly: “She was really cool; it’s always nice to meet cool people. We got along great. She made an effort to be interested in what I had to say, and I did the same.”
Meghan: “Instead of the basic questions, he started with: ‘What makes you undateable?’ So we made an invisible chart to tally if one of us said something that seemed undateable.”

Vitaly: “We stopped at another bar to grab some pumpkin beers. We exchanged numbers, and I think we hugged. There was nothing like a make-out session.”
Meghan: “I had somewhere to be after, so we decided to get a beer before that. He got my number, but there was no kissing. It felt pretty platonic.”

Awkward Moment
Vitaly: “We hit a lull when Reagan came up. 
I don’t know how the conversation steered off to that, but there was a moment that was a little bit of a head-scratcher.”
Meghan: “He walked me to the restaurant I was going to after. There was a group of people in there waiting already, so when I walked in, they all went ‘ooh!’”

In three words
Vitaly: Meghan is "free-spirited, artistic and relaxed."
Meghan: Vitaly is "nice, intelligent and funny.”

Vitaly: “With my schedule, I barely get to see people, but I would consider hanging out as friends. I need a girl as dedicated to her professional life as I am.”
Meghan: “I see him as a friend who could be fun to hang out with, but not 
in the romantic department. It’s not anything he did—just one of those things.”

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