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The 7 best places to break up with someone in New York

Will Gleason

New Yorkers do everything in public, and that includes breaking up. Because even when a relationship-ending sit-down is a teary-eyed, shouting, emotional mess-fest, it’s still better to hash it out in a safe, public setting than a 20-square-foot studio apartment with the door locked. Next time around, lessen the blow by choosing one of these lovely locations for your “serious talk.” You can thank us later.

1. Bleecker Playground
Not only does this verdant playground offer plenty of benches perfect for intimate-yet-slightly-distant talks, it’s also across the street from Magnolia Bakery. That should take care of all of your stress eating needs after the act.

2. Greenacre Park
No one will hear the spiteful words your former lover throws at you over the gentle roar of the waterfall centerpiece at this Midtown Park.

3. 6BC Botanical Garden
This community garden affords you the space and privacy to break up with someone neatly (there’s a cute gazebo that would perfect) and then you can share a nice walk through Tompkins Square Park as you promise to stay friends.

4. Strand Bookstore
Have a pleasant, relationship-ending conversation in one of the many private nooks in this store’s basement. Hopefully, it will deter any argument from getting too loud and you can make a lot of “starting a new chapter” metaphors.

5. Northern Territory
As you watch the sun set over the Manhattan skyline, you can remind them that eventually, the sun of a new relationship will rise in their life. The East River State Park would be nice for this as well, but here you can drink.

6. Sheridan Square
This may be a park, but it’s located in a busy intersection offering you the perfect mix of privacy and enough-people-that-you-won’t-be-attacked security.

7. The Olive Garden in Times Square
Because even after getting dumped, it will be a relief just to get out of there.


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