Meet up-and-coming authors as they promote their books in New York

If you can’t get to Neil Gaiman’s reading or would rather hang with an up-and-comer than a best-seller, these picks are for you

A lot of huge literary talents and celebrities will be passing through the city in the next few weeks to promote their new books. While we, too, swoon over Neil Gaiman and are loving The Signature of All Things, we also have a few suggestions for events with the next authors you’ll want to know about.

If you’ve read all of Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s books (twice), check out…

Mira Jacob, The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing, July 1

Much like Gilbert’s works, this debut novel travels across time and space to form an epic story about family, culture and reconciling with the difficult decisions everyone must make, eventually.

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If Neil Gaiman gives you goose bumps, check out…

Matt Dojny, The Festival of Earthly Delights, June 24

While a bit more adult in its content (key words: earthly delights), Dojny’s novel, about a couple trying to reconcile while living in a fictional Southeast Asian country, will appeal to the same whimsical sensibilities that Gaiman’s books so delight.

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If you never miss Joan Rivers in-person or on E!, check out…

Christopher Beha, Arts & Entertainments, July 1

So what happens after a sex tape is exposed? Not everyone gets a reality show. Beha’s latest explores the consequences after a down-on-his-luck fellow releases a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend turned television star. You don’t get much more Hollywood than that.

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