After-dark inquiry: Patricia Field

The fashion icon joins forces with Susanne Bartsch and Kelly Cutrone to toss the massive Valentine's Ball at Capitale on Friday 11.

Patricia Field

Patricia Field Photograph: Yaniv Edry

Despite everything that you've done over the years, lots of people tend to see you mainly as a New York nightlife legend. Why do you think that is?
A day has 24 hours, you know? I've always believed that life doesn't end when the sun goes down. Actually, that's when a lot of the best things happen! But if I have a role in nightlife, it's one that's been assigned to me. I never really went looking for it, but it happened—and it's still happening.

Why did you get involved with this particular event?
It's a reason to party—and we don't need that much of a reason, really! On the other hand, this is a big reason to party. I think Valentine's Day is a diminished holiday, so what we are saying is, c'mon, lets put in a call to love. We can always use more of that, I think.

I'm guessing you and Susanne have known each other for a while.
Oh yes, we go way back. She always gets the most interesting, amusing and beautiful entertainment.

Can we expect the same at the Valentine's Ball?
Yes, and it will be an integrated part of the whole picture, It won't be like, stop...and now a performance. It has to go on, like disco—it never ends.

It never does end, does it?
Uh uh. And I'm so happy.—Interviewed by Bruce Tantum