After-dark inquiry: Scuba

The man behind the hugely influential Hotflush label is one of the producers who stretched dubstep's parameters beyond the breaking point. Now, in collaboration with Blkmarket Membership, Paul "Scuba" Rose is bringing his bass-heavy Berlin bash, Sub:Stance, to Gotham.


Scuba Photograph: Jimmy Mould

For those of us who have never been to Sub:Stance in Berlin, what can you tell us about the party?
We do it at the Berghain, which is a special place. It's been written up loads, and I think it's almost become kind of a tourist attraction by now, actually—but I think it still retains an edgy, deviant atmosphere. Musically, dubstep was our focus when we started three years ago, but the mainstream dubstep thing has become less and less interesting for me, and I think for most of the people that come to Sub:Stance. So more recently we've been trying to reflect a wider spectrum of music.

Do you even call it a dubstep party anymore?
I actually don't like to call it anything at all! But I think that bass music is the term that most people have attached to it. It's pretty wide-ranging; we just had a drum 'n' bass DJ, for instance. It's really refreshing not to be stuck with one sound, and the Berlin crowd is really receptive to it. We're hoping that we can export that kind of feeling. I'm optimistic that the New York crowd can get that side of it.

I think people in New York are kind of excited to find out what Sub:Stance is all about.
I hope so! I've experienced playing in New York before, and I think you have the right kind of people for this. I've played at Blkmarket before, and I played at Dub War before, so I kind of know what it's like.

But are you at all nervous about bringing the party to a new environment?
It's definitely difficult to extract what we have at Berghain and take it elsewhere; you just won't get that atmosphere anywhere else. We're sure that it will be different in New York. It's always going to be different if you bring it to another city, another country. But like I said, we're optimistic.

What exactly do you have planned for the New York debut?
Upstairs, the focus will be on I guess what people would call left-field-type dubstep and techno, with me, Addison Groove and Appleblim. Between us three, there'll be quite a big cross section of sounds, I think.

And you have your fellow Berghain resident, Steffi, playing downstairs, right?
We really wanted to do that because of the Berlin connection—just to emphasize the point, really!

is at Santos Party House Sat 13.

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