Basic NYC's Sleepy & Boo

Each week, TONY features a DJ mix from one of our fave NYC spinners. This week, we've got two of 'em: Sleepy & Boo.

House music—not some fancy subvariety, but good ol', straight-up, jacking thumpage—arguably slipped in popularity a few years back, at least in part due to the seemingly inexorably rise of all those hipster-friendly electro offshoots. But who refused to be cowed, and worked tirelessly to champion the sound they loved? Sleepy & Boo, that's who! And now that all the electro kids, along with the technoheads and others, are realizing that house still has plenty of kick, who's hostign the best parties around? You guessed it—Sleepy & Boo. The party-throwing, record-slinging couple are the force behind Basic NYC, a bash that has found a foothold in the international house-music circuit and has attracted Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak and Satoshi Tomiie to its Sullivan Room home. This week, the duo is celebrating its soiree's fifth birthday by bringing in the U.K. production genius Tom Middleton. But Sleepy & Boo don't really need any big stars to pack the dance floor; they're fab DJs in their own right, as evidenced by this two-part mix.

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