Click + Drag's Rob Roth

The gender-hacking hoedown returns for its annual get-together.

Roth, in full C+D splendor.

Roth, in full C+D splendor. John E. Espinosa

Founded in 1995 by Rob Roth, Chi Chi Valenti and Kitty Boots at the Meatpacking District's Mother—back when the area was home to trannie hookers, rather than Jersey Shore wanna-bes—Click + Drag was the city's seminal cyber-fetish party. (Well, actually, it was the city's only cyber-fetish party.) The party lives on as an annual get-together, catering to a brilliant, pansexual mix of veteran and freshly minted latex-clad dandies. The next edition, a salute to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, is Saturday 9; you can also catch an exhibition of Roth's C+D--related photography at Wild Project Gallery Wednesday 13--October 30 (go to for more on that). We caught up with Roth as he and Valenti prepared for the upcoming spectacle.

The Age of Aquarius—didn't that already dawn? I can vaguely remember a song on the subject.
No! You should read about it. Some people say that we're in it now, others say that it's still coming. My theory is that we're in a transitory stage. We're coming out of an age of technological breakthroughs, we've gotten as far as we can get, and if we don't change our way of being...we're fucked.

Do you think Click + Drag still has vitality in an era when cyberness is a part of everyday life?
Early on, we were all about the relationships between technology and fetishism and all that; it was still a new concept. Now, forget it. It's happened. But at the core, we actually were always about change and about the future, and about bringing together all these subsets of the underground—the leather community, Radikal Faeries, transvestites and the rest. Plus, people really wanted us to do the party—we kind of had no choice!

 Click + Drag is at Santos Party House Sat 9.

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