Danny Krivit

The 718 Sessions spinner releases a collection of classic reedits.

Danny Krivit, the veteran spinner who helms the 718 Sessions and Body& Soul—the latter with Joe Claussell and Franois K—is also known as the longtime King of the Edit. A compilation of some of Krivit’s best disco, soul and R&B rejiggerings, Edits by Mr. K Vol 2: Music of the Earth, comes out this week on the Strut label. And on Sunday 12, Krivit’s celebrating the release at one of NYC’s best parties, his own 718 Sessions.

What exactly is the point of an edit?
Most of my edits are of songs I love in the first place—but I’ll think, Well, it would be even more perfect if this happened or if that didn’t happen. Like, the original version of [Philadelphia All-Stars’] “Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto” opens with Lou Rawls talking about stuff like roaches. People just don’t want to dance to someone talking about roaches, so I cut that part out and extended the intro and outro.

When you started out, edits were done with reel-to-reel decks and tape; now anyone with a computer can do one. Do you feel that’s cheapened the art form at all?
This is how I’d put it: There are certainly lots of edits nowadays that don’t seem to have a real love for the music behind them.

But you don’t still do it the old way, do you?
[Laughs] No! That’s just too much work to even think about anymore.

718 Sessions is at Santos Party House on Sun 12; Edits by Mr. K Vol 2: Music of the Earth (Strut) is out Tue 14.

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