Downtown divas

With two of the ladies heading uptown this week, we revisit our list of ten local women every gay man should be obsessed with.

Bridget Everett, rock & roll star
Why you should be obsessed:
This fearless, commanding singer has achieved some notoriety outside of the city's alt-performance circuit—including a Sex and the City movie cameo and a well-received run of her show At Least It's Pink at Ars Nova. But if you saw one of her Sunday night gigs at gay dive the Ritz, you're probably still talking about it. Everett regularly plays with her band the Tender Moments at venues around the city, and reigns as one of the hosts of Our Hit Parade at Joe's Pub. No gay man's New York City education is complete without a night in Everett's "rape den."—EL
Bridget Everett cohosts Our Hit Parade at Joe's Pub.

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