Dub Gabriel

Get deep with this dubcentric set.

Do you like reverberating, spectral billows of sonic adventurism? Do you like deep, dark, rumbling basslines? And are your computer speakers up to the task? If you answered yes, then hit the PLAY button on this set from Dub Gabriel right now: It’s a little bit dark, a whole lot deep and really, really good, traveling between dubstep, dancehall and something approaching traditional dub reggae. But that’s par for the course for this former Brooklynite and current Bay Area dweller; his DJ sets, live knob-twiddling sessions and releases—he’s currently on the Destroy All Concepts label—are uniformly high-grade. And we’re guessing his opening set at Monday 13’s Deep Space will be the same—doubly so, considering the warmth of Cielo’s sound system.

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