Freaks come out at night

ROOMFUL OF BRUISE Direct Drive's DJs bang out muscular drum 'n' bass beats.

ROOMFUL OF BRUISE Direct Drive's DJs bang out muscular drum 'n' bass beats.

Drive, he said
Direct Drive isn't the most enduring drum 'n' bass bash in NYC: The Camouflage party is eight years old, and Konkrete Jungle (which bills itself as the "longest-running jungle d'n'b weekly in the world") is nearly 11. But Direct Drive is largely considered by aficionados of the genre to be the best—and at seven years old, it ain't exactly a spring chicken, either. We've always thought that the key to the soiree's success was that they got some of the world's top d'n'b DJs to spin at the bash. (That's U.K. superstar Adam F regaling the DD crowd in the photo to the right, for instance). But the man behind the hoedown, Cliff Cho—better known as DJ Seoul—has a different take on the party's longevity. "It's a combination of dedication and borderline stupidity," he laughs. "Just the other day I thought, Jesus, seven years—what the hell am I doing? When things are bad, you think about bagging it, but then you'll have some great nights, or people will come up and say 'Bro, you really make my weekends—I don't know what I'd do without you,' and everything is okay." (So he's being guilt-tripped into keeping the party going, it seems.) Direct Drive is finishing off its seven-year anniversary on Saturday 24 with Philly's J.Smooth, Direct Drive residents Burner Brothers and Rekall, and the Seoul man—who's cleverly arranged things so that he's celebrating his birthday at the party—wrecking the decks. Booyah!

Direct Drive is on Saturday 24.

A Burridge too far
We're not sure the party people at Made Event knew what they were getting into when they booked the British superstar tech-houser Lee Burridge to play at the West Chelsea DJ lounge Opus22 on Thursday. After all, the veteran spinner normally plies his trade at the 1,700-person-capacity Spirit when in NYC; Opus22 can squeeze in perhaps 100 party people. But those 100 are in for a fabulous night: Burridge, who helms London's Tyrant affair with partner Craig Richards, is one of world's leading purveyors of squiggly, jumpy electronic house music. He's in town to kick off the New York edition of his 65 project, which sees him setting up one- or two-month residencies in seven different cities over the course of the year—meaning, if you can't worm your way into Opus22, you'll have at least a few more chances to check Burridge out before he ships off to the next burg.

Made Event presents Lee Burridge at Opus22 on Thursday 22.