James Mowbray and D.Ramirez

Time Out Ratings :

<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

Electronic-house honchos Dean Mariott (a.k.a. D.Ramirez, from the defunct U.K. production team Lisa Marie Experience) and James Mowbray team up on a slab of quirky robo-funk released by the Four:Twenty label. The original mix relies on that old chestnut of the electro scene—a digitally processed, deadpan vocal—but that potential affront somehow works in the context of the track’s crisp drums and bouncy sawtooth melody. Still, there are plenty of folks (raise your hands, technoheads!) for whom any hint of a living human on a track is too much protoplasm; they’ll head to the Daniel Stefanik dub, which relegates the vocal to a ghostly cameo, replacing it with ping-ponging blips and a pleasingly odd computo-marimba hook. It’s not pushing too many boundaries, but the EP will certainly work in electronically-minded clubs
—Bruce Tantum

“Time Fades Away” (Four:Twenty)