Euphoric, deep and shimmering, this new EP is a gorgeous effort.

Remember the blissful, carefree days of the early ’90s, when beautiful drum ’n’ bass tracks like Omni Trio’s “Renegade Snares”—with its tightly syncopated percussion, moody chords and vocal samples that were simultaneously euphoric and melancholic—first hit the scene? Harry “Midland” Agius apparently does, as his new release’s title song fuses that classic sound with a blunted, slightly dubsteppy aesthetic for an absolutely gorgeous tune. Holland’s Dexter layers bits of the vocals over a monstrous sawtooth bass and stomping beat for a Detroit-meets-electro hybrid; the EP’s two remaining cuts, “Leitmotif” and “Heads Down,” are nicely dubbed-out deep-tech numbers. They’re all stellar, but it’s “Play the Game” that will get the goose bumps going.

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Play the Game EP (Phonica)