Review: Chelonis R. Jones

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

The itinerant singer-songwriter--turned--international-house-music-star (via a string of releases on Germany's mighty Get Physical label) releases his sophomore solo album—and, even more than 2005's Dislocated Genius, it's a weird and intriguing amalgamation of styles. The music, veering between Physical-style electronic house and glitchy, almost IDM rhythms, tends to evoke a kind of subdued, yearning grandeur; Jones's quavering, slightly nasal and dramatically emotional croon—somewhat reminiscent of Prince and Urban Soul's Roland Clark—grounds the material in an R&B warmth. It's a push-pull kind of clash that lends the release an exotic tension, and while most of these tracks (with the possible exception of the trancy "Pompadour") aren't exactly clubland burners, Chatterton will go far to scratch your outr-soul itch.

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Chatterton (Systemic Recordings)