Slow Hands

Groovy deep house, glacial boogie beats and late-night glitterball material, slathered with honey-dipped melodies and graced by a steady-as-she-goes pacing—that’s what you get from Ryan Cavanagh, better known to NYC’s underground scene as Slow Hands. (A rival publication has described his style, in both his DJ sets and productions for the Wolf + Lamb crew, as “make-out disco”—and props to said competitor, as that moniker pretty much nails it.) Cavanagh has risen far in the two years since his debut single, “Fast Tongue”; he’s already spinning at clubs along the lines of London’s Fabric and Hamburg’s new Ego. But he hasn’t left his hometown behind: Cavanagh is a resident of the Autobrennt affair, which is tossing its next get-together on the rooftop of the Hotel on Rivington on Sunday 29. And—presto!—here’s a juicy mix to tide you over.

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