The Bunker

Detroit meets New York at the monthly party.

Public Assembly; Fri 2

DJ Spinoza and Derek Plaslaiko’s Bunker is far from the only techno affair in town; for instance, there’s the Blkmarket Membership and reSOLUTE hoedowns, which are teaming up for a massive blowout on Saturday 3 featuring the high-flying Wighnomy Brothers. But there is something about the Bunker that makes it special. Maybe it’s the party’s consistency: The Bunker has been in business since 2003 (or 2000, if you count its previous incarnation as the Polar Bear Club). And in all that time, first as a weekly and now as a monthly, it’s had exactly two homes: the much-missed basement of Tonic and its current digs, the appropriately bunkerlike Public Assembly.

Of course, the party’s real appeal isn’t its longevity or location—it’s the music, and this edition hosts another killer lineup. The club’s back room sees the Bunker debut of Stockholm LTD label owner Pr Grindvik, whose music is deep and cavernous, breathing with a tension that avoids the usual buildup-breakdown clich. It’s a beautiful sound, but for many, the front room—featuring a pair of collaborative performances that team Detroit electronic-music mainstays with Gotham pioneers—will be where the action is. One of those sets sees Salvatore Principato (from seminal NYC dub-funk combo Liquid Liquid) dropping vocals and percussion over the electrotech sounds of Ectomorph’s BMG; the other features Motor City house-techno prime mover Mike “Agent X” Clark on the decks, and New York disco and R&B vet Leroy Burgess—who wrote Class Action’s “Weekend,” produced Inner City’s “Moment of My Life” and sang on Aleem’s “Release Yourself”—on the mike. Now, that’s special!—Bruce Tantum

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