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DJ mix: Nautiluss

Warm up for Nautiluss's Cameo gig with a set of housed-up heaven.


Happy days! On Saturday, May 18, Cameo is hosting the NYC debut of Nautiluss, the rising Canadian producer who made a ton of best-of-2012 lists via tough-yet-woozy techno cuts for labels like Martyn's 3024 and Tiga's rejuvenated Turbo. He'll be playing in the nitery's basement party room with Throne of Blood bossman James Friedman and the Dog & Pony Show's Paul Raffaele. To get you ready for the gig, check out this exclusive Nautiluss, which we've been told is a "late-night house" set, as opposed to one of his more full-on club sessions. But even though this mix is infused with some blissful moments, it still sounds pretty thumping to us!

Nautiluss + James Friedman + Paul Raffaele is at Cameo Saturday, May 18.

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