Five reasons you should watch Jared Posts a Personal

The indie Web comedy series is back, and funnier than ever

Jared Posts a Personal

Jared Posts a Personal

Jared Posts a Personal follows three bickering Brooklyn roommates as they attempt to find a date for the romantically challenged title character. Here’s why you should check it out.

1. It’s funny as hell

The show’s recently released second season is hysterical, flipping between pinpoint-accurate pastiches of thirtysomething Brooklyn life (especially the singles scene) and straight-up, boozy weirdness.

2. The writers have a legit sketch-comedy background

Writer-stars Nick Ciavarella, Jared Warner, pictured, and Tim Dean were all founding members of sketch group Murderfist. “We stick to the script as closely as possible,” says Ciavarella. “We’ve all given improv a shot and most of us are terrible at it. Now we take potshots at improvisers from our comfy perch up here in Prewritten and Revised Comedy Land. We mock what we don’t understand.”

3. It’s a real Brooklyn show

The series has very little budget, so several bars in the area—you may recognize Cain’s Tavern in Bushwick— allow the gang to shoot in their spaces, “so long as we clean up after ourselves,” laughs Ciavarella. “For Season 2, we also asked tons of local bands if we could use their music.”

4. There are a lot of familiar faces

Fans of the NYC comedy scene should watch out for multiple cameos, including the likes of Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Uninspired’s Becky Yamamoto.

5. It might be made into a TV show

“We’re in the middle of writing a full-fledged half-hour pilot,” says Ciavarella. In other words, watch it now if you want to say you liked the show before it was cool. It doesn’t get more Brooklyn than that.

Watch both seasons of the show at See Warner peform with Murderfist at Underbelly at the Creek and the Cave, Saturday 7.