Invite gone out

Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Photograph: Veronica Rafael

On Feb 27, after six years of selling out Rififi and fueling the downtown scene, Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale’s Invite Them Up is closing for good. We’ve asked our favorite guests to eulogize; this first of three installments features Patton Oswalt.

What do you like about ITU?
The shows are as fun to watch as they are to perform in. It’s all of my favorite comedians hanging out and experimenting, and the audiences are smart, funny and playful.

Can you share one of your favorite memories from performing there?
In March of 2006 I was in the city for the premiere of Failure to Launch, a movie I have three lines in. (Any excuse to go to Manhattan.) I did a set at Invite Them Up after the screening and realized I had four passes to the after-party in my pocket. I had no plans to go, so I gave them to audience members. Then I got curious—would they really be able to get in? Hipsters in waxed jeans and ironic T-shirts need a lot of extra charm at the door of an overpriced night club filled with chicken skewers and mushroom puffs. I decided to swing by and watch from a distance. Sure enough, all of them were at the door making the bewildered bouncer giggle. I like to think they managed to bother Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, too.

—Jane Borden

Invite Them Up happens Wed 13.