New York Comedy Festival Preview with Artie Lange

The first in a five-part series leading up to the sixth-annual NYCF.

The brash Howard Stern Show regular has a staggeringly large fan base. Although his proclivity for life’s seedier side has landed him in rehab on occasion (he just plead guilty to a July DUI), at least he retains a wicked sense of humor about it. Lange’s first book, Too Fat to Fish, came out last year on Random House and he plays the New York Comedy Festival November 6.

You’re pretty gruff. What makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
A comforter and all of Tony Curtis’s paintings. If you have to ask why, you are obviously not a fan of art.

What gives you a bigger rush: gambling or performing stand-up?
Both are equally thrilling, so I am considering combining the two. I’m gonna have a craps table right next to me onstage.

Who would get to play?
Michael Jordan and Osama bin Laden, because I’d like to take money from both of those jackasses.

Would you be funnier if you were winning or losing? What would happen if you won 100 grand?
Well, if I won 100 grand, I’d stop work of any kind, so I would immediately leave the stage.

Craps, huh? Are you a don’t-pass-line better, or do you root for the shooter?
I always root for the shooter—especially in hostage situations.

Artie Lange Live happens Nov 6 at the Beacon Theatre. Visit for tickets.

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